Arabic, Quran and Tajweed evening and weekend courses for Women

About us

About us

Nisa Tuition opened in 2012 originally at the renowned London Muslim Centre in the heart of East London. We then moved to an office in East India Docks in 2014. Currently, since 2017 we are based in Bethnal Green and have classes running in Canary Wharf, Dagenham Essex as well as Bethnal Green.

Private tuition in a professional institution setting

What makes Nisa Tuition unique is our focus on 1 to 1 tuition with each student in order to build a good rapport and ensure that everyone is advancing and learning effectively. Nisa does not simply deliver lessons but takes the time and effort to see it through with each student until they are confident in theory and practical. The tutor teaches each student individually in a rotation hence why our class numbers are capped to 8 per class. Consequently, Nisa students feel as though they are learning and advancing comfortably and successfully.

Nisa welcomes all women from all backgrounds and our students range from the age of 14-50 from different faiths, some new Muslims and some born Muslims. Covering students from the whole radius of London and Essex.

Nisa Tuition holds regular information and registration desks; we will update the notification on our social media before an event.

Course structure

All courses are held once a week, 2 hours per session.

Our classes run continuously throughout the year.

Tuition fees are £7.50 per hour paid in full monthly instalments at the start of each month. Once the month’s fees are paid the seat is reserved for the student and cannot be refunded.

Courses available:

Arabic reading / Quran
Arabic Language
Islamic Knowledge

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