Arabic, Quran and Tajweed evening and weekend courses for Women


“Nisa Tuition highly recommended for Tajweed. I loved my first class with a very engaging and knowledgable teacher. I have only attended once class and learnt so much alhamdu lillah. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait for my next lesson. I have studied in other institutes, your lessons are well structured and engaging, by far one of the best lessons I have attended, and on par with top respected arabic learning institutes.”
Abida, Tajweed Level 1 student.

“After one intense year of studies, I proudly completed my three levels of Qur’an Tajweed. Immensely grateful to my brilliant tutor. Knowledge is power and it’s reward is sweet.”
Emanuela Conidi, Completed Tajweed Level 3 and now Arabic Language student.

“Nisa Tuition and my tutor in particular have played a significant role in my relationship with The Noble Qur’an. I went from learning about the Arabic alphabets all over again to being able to actually recite The Qur’an fluently with the correct Tajweed rules.”
Mulikat Adeyinka Adebayo (HSBC)
Tajweed Level 3 student

“This is one piece of investment that has been the most fruitful for me in this lifetime and may Allah SWT allow it to help me in the hereafter too. I have also bonded with the sisters at the classes and cannot express enough what a beautiful atmosphere it is. My tutor is an inspiration and such a pleasant teacher; she’ll always support you individually and tailor her method to fit your learning needs. Don’t waste any more time thinking about it; make the time and investment that will benefit you now and in the hereafter!”
Saima Barlas (HSBC)
Tajweed Level 2 student

“I would definitely recommend Nisa Tuition.”
Nuna Syeda (HSBC)
Tajweed Level 2 student